• A Capitalism alternative? The Mondragon Cooperatives Professor Fred Freundlich talks to Thom Hartmann about the Mondragon cooperatives as possible alternatives to capitalist industry.
    Posted 14 Jul 2010, 02:23 by Stefan Gigacz
  • Robert Schuman's 1950 Appeal for Europe This video looks at the history of the European Union highlighting the Appeal by Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950 for a united Europe.
    Posted 19 May 2010, 04:11 by Stefan Gigacz
  • Haymarket Martyrs - Origin of May Day This is a PBS video on the story of Chicago's Haymarket Martyrs, which also lies at the origin of May Day as International Workers' Day.
    Posted 19 May 2010, 04:10 by Stefan Gigacz
  • YCW Challenge to Lead - YCW and the Church A video by the Ireland YCW.
    Posted 3 May 2010, 22:57 by Stefan Gigacz
  • Cardijn: A message of truth A video on the life of Cardijn produced by the Australian YCW.
    Posted 4 Apr 2010, 06:57 by Stefan Gigacz
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