Land grabbing on the rise

posted 26 Jul 2010, 19:41 by Stefan Gigacz
We currently see the development of a land-grabbing phenomenon. Foreign companies, or even States, grab hold of the lands used by these peasants. Indeed, as some have destroyed their local farming systems and changed their eating habits, they are not able to provide food and raw materials to their populations anymore. They buy land in other countries and exploit them in order to export their resources to their country of origin, mainly agrofuels.

This phenomenon is disastrous for the inhabitants of grabbed land, as it deprives them of their means of subsistence and disrupts the natural balances they had built. On the other hand, it does not solve the problems faced by countries that lack land. Many scientists showed that small farmers are far more productive than big-scale agriculture: they use little energy and the food they produce is more nutritious. Besides, the biodiversity they protect offers them a better adaptability and resistance to climate vagaries.

- Claire Quintin, President MIJARC Europe


Young rural Catholics promote food sovereignty to protect biodiversity (MIJARC)