John Molony on the priestly life

posted 22 Jul 2010, 18:37 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 22 Jul 2010, 18:41 ]
John Molony illuminates many aspects of the larger history of his times. In particular he experienced the vitality of the Catholic movements that flourished after the 1939 war. The Jocist movement led by Joseph Cardijn that animated the Young Christian Workers and Young Christian Students movements in Australia was particularly significant in his life.

He also had time to observe the broader development of Catholic Action in Europe and Australia. The relationship of the Catholic Church to politics was fraught in Italy where the election of a Communist government was a real possibility. His experience and reflection there led him to be reserved about Bob Santamaria's movement in Australia. He thought that the close relationship between the Church and political life that it entailed could only lead to grief.

- Andrew Hamilton reviews John Molony's By Wendouree

John Molony: By Wendouree, Memories 1951-1963. Connor Court Publishing, Ballan: 2010. ISBN 9781921421402