Vale Gerry Crane, YCW Past Members Association founder

posted 29 Nov 2010, 16:16 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 29 Nov 2010, 16:29 ]
Geraldine Crane, a former member of the National Catholic Girls Movement as the female Australian was once known, died in Canberra, Australia on 13 November, the anniversary of Cardijn's birth.

"Yesterday morning Geraldine Crane died peacefully in Canberra where she had lived for many years with her family," YCW Past Members Association president and Cardijn Community Australia committee member Anne Norman writes.

"Gerry was president of the NCGM [pre YCW] in the Brisbane Archdiocese in the 1950's.

"In 1964 she founded the YCW Past Members Association to support the present YCW and provide a network for the past members.  Membership has remained mostly the women who were members before 1970.

"She has remained in contact with members for fifty years.  Her no nonsense approach to Church and life has been a constant support.

"She attended early meetings of the group which hopes to become the Cardijn Community Australia.

"In 2000 she received a grant to write the history of the YCW [Girls] in the Brisbane Archdiocese up to 1970.

"This research document, "Ordinary Young Women doing extraordinary things",  is an outstanding tribute to the  lay apostolate and demonstrates a profound understaning of the theology and practice of what it is to be a lay person in today's society.

Vale Gerry,  Rest in Peace.
Anne Norman
YCW Past Members Association."

CCI convenor, MJ Ruben, also expressed his condolences.

"Cardijn Community International received with sadness the news of the demise of Geraldine Grace and conveys its deepest condolences to the family and all the members of her community. May her soul rest in peace.
"We place on record our deep appreciation of her contribution to the YCW and in her efforts to consolidate the lived experiences of the past members so that they could assure a beter future for those who are in the present and for generations to come," Ruben wrote.