Role plays introduce SJA

posted 8 Jul 2010, 20:19 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 14 Jul 2010, 02:26 ]
“My spouse wants us to have a second car but I don’t think its necessary”. This was the starting point for the review of life role-play on 26 June 2010 when 43 vibrant people came together at the Cathedral Hall to study the famous See – Judge – Act method of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn. 

Sponsored by the Adelaide Archdiocese, the workshop was a great chance to practice one of the most successful methods to discover the deeper meaning in life and to carry out Christian mission.

Michael Campbell, from Catholic Education Office, provided the historical and theoretical links to Cardijn. Paul Rijken from Cardijn College led the critique of each session. The worshop coordinator, Mark Ager, posed the question to the audience, “It is 2010. Has the problem of youth leaving the church after they leave school been solved? If not. The mission goes on.”

Young Christian Workers at the workshop reported that the Gospel Enquiry is very popular with their membership after the world youth day experiences. Young Christian Students brought along actions from the African Continent and Cardijn College Staff spoke of the value of see, judge, act for the formation of their students. Cardijn Community Australia described their success with an enquiry into the situation of single fathers. About a dozen other parishioners came to study the method and left feeling confident they could apply it.

Although there were serious moments when the small groups created analysis such as responding to domestic violence and work pressures there was also a community atmosphere with games and dancing. Several trainee teachers said they intended to use the Cardijn method learned at the workshop for their personal life and in their teaching practice. 

“Through mere words we can deceive but through our actions we demonstrate our faith” said Cardijn.

- Mark Ager, CCI Australia

Facilitator Michael Campbell (left) with Paul Rijken, principal of Cardijn College, and CCI Australia See Judge Act workshop coordinator, Mark Ager.


See Judge Act Workshop (CCI Australia)