Perth priest remembers Cardijn

posted 3 Nov 2010, 09:19 by Stefan Gigacz
Australian priest Fr Daniel Foley’s greatest joy in his 80 years of life and 55 of priesthood is the formation of people – and many who grew out of the Young Christian Workers movement still practicing their faith today have him to thank.

Fr Foley who celebrated his 80th birthday at Lockridge, Perth, Western Australia on 26 August, clearly remembers legendary YCW founder Cardinal Joseph Cardijn of Belgium standing on the dais at Leederville and declaring himself “80 years young”, The Record reports.

Back then, the YCW and NCGM (National Catholic Girls Movement) were a powerhouse of apostolic work, bringing their lapsed Catholic friends back into the faith and defending Christian values.

“Many of the young people who took up leadership in the diocese were schooled in the ‘See, Judge, Act’ ethos of the YCW movement, and a great many young people came through,” Fr Foley aid. 

Some of his eager young men of the YCW took action when they tore down all the provocative posters of a young lady called Sabrina from His Majesty’s Theatre who was performing there and brought them back to him.

“I put them on top of the wardrobe at Leederville and they’re probably still sitting there – I didn’t know what to do with them,” he said. This was but a microcosm of the “very apostolic sort of work” the YCW was involved in. 

“There were many young men and women who are practicing Catholics around the place who owe their Catholicity to the YCW,” he said.

Fr Foley remembers Cardijn as a “sprightly man who left his mark on the world”.


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