Manila meeting launches CCI Philippines

posted 24 Aug 2010, 02:18 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 26 Aug 2010, 00:00 ]
Leaders of organizations inspired by the philosophy of the late Cardinal Joseph Cardijn have met with international Cardijn community leaders in Manila to share experiences and form a community network.

“We hope that we can start a Cardijn community here in the Philippines,” said Stefan Gigacz, Secretary of Cardijn Community International (CCI) and editor of CathNews Asia.

People gathered at the Asian Social Institute to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first Young Christian Workers (YCW) Congress belonged to groups whose backgrounds identify with Cardinal Cardijn, he said.

Most were members of YCW and Young Christian Students (YCS) and Student Catholic Action (SCA).

“Some of them are not young anymore but they may want to be involved again in the promotion of Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and methodology,” Gigacz said.

Cardinal Cardijn was born in Brussels on Nov. 13, 1882 at the height of the Industrial Revolution. He dedicated his life and ministry to young workers and founded the Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement.

Pope Paul VI made Father Cardijn a cardinal in 1965. Despite that there are few resources about the cardinal, says Gigacz.

“If you want to read up on Cardijn’s theology or spirituality, there’s only very old material on the Internet,” he said.

At the recent gathering in Manila, 29 participants decided to set up a CCI network in Manila and Bohol, central Philippines.

Former members of YCW, YCS and groups attended the two-day meeting that began on Aug. 21 shared their experiences with new leaders.

Most of them had been active as students during the martial law years in trade union, community and humanitarian work.

They are now involved in teaching, real estate, banking, and some are retired or in semi-retirement but say they still believe in the teachings and methods of Cardinal Cardijn, popularized with the slogan “see, judge, act.”

Younger leaders said they welcome the initiative.

“We are interested to know what is the objective and vision of the CCI here and how it can link with the campaigns of YCW, especially the campaign to protect young workers from exploitation in and out of the workplace,” said Andy Predicala, YCW coordinator for Asia Pacific.


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