Lutheran pastors adopt See Judge Act method

posted 18 Oct 2010, 06:54 by Stefan Gigacz
Four Lutheran pastors have launched Indonesia's first Cardijn Community International ( team in Medan, North Sumatra.

Pastor Batara Sihombing has launched CCI North Sumatra with a team of colleagues who are interested to apply the See Judge Act in their parish ministry.

CCI secretary Stefan Gigacz met with Batara and his team on a visit to Medan last week.

“We already have numbers of members from other Christian faiths,” explained CCI convenor, MJ Ruben.

“But this is the first time we have a whole new team created by pastors from another Church.”

“It illustrates once again that the See Judge Act method has a universal appeal and application,” Ruben noted.


Pastor Batara Sihombing pictured at left with CCI coordinator MJ Ruben during the CCI Philippines workshop in August)