Ex-PM launches Bishop Manning lecture series

posted 8 Oct 2010, 07:16 by Stefan Gigacz
Former Australian Prime Minister and trade union leader, Bob Hawke, delivered the inaugural Bishop Kevin Manning Lecture, named for a former Australian bishop and YCW chaplain, in Sydney on 8 October.

Bishop Kevin Manning, the retired bishop of Parramatta diocese in western Sydney, has long been a strong supporter of the Cardijn movements. The annual lectures were named in in recognition of Bishop Manning's commitment and contribution to the development of Catholic workplaces as areas of justice and human dignity.

The lectures are an initiative of the Catholic Commission for Employment (CCE) for NSW and the ACT.

Mr Hawke was head of the Australian Council of Trade Unions before launching his political career.

According the CCE, the lectures are designed to build on these values along with the principles of working for the common good and for the community and also to explore and show how these can be applied in the workplace and society generally.