England and Wales YCW back World Day for Decent Work

posted 11 Oct 2010, 06:55 by Stefan Gigacz
The England and Wales YCW has called on employers as well as Church and civic leaders to work towards achieving fairness in the workplace on Thursday, the World Day for Decent Work

This is in line with a European wide YCW campaign: 'Young People Stand up for Dignity'. The World Day for Decent Work is an annual event in which workers from across the world unite for the common cause of achieving dignity within the workplace, Independent Catholic News reports.

The YCW, representing young workers in England and Wales hopes to give young people opportunities in the workplace so that they may grow in formation through their responsibilities. 

Emma Stradling, England and Wales YCW National President said: "young workers should share in the responsibility and the creativity of work, and they deserve to feel that their contribution is valued." She went on to say: "as children of God, all young people deserve the opportunity to achieve their potential so that they may achieve the fullness of life as God intended." 

As well as this, the YCW calls for the introduction of a living wage for all workers and speaks out in particular against the discrimination of young workers especially through pay, purely because they are young. Emma added: "we ask our Church leaders to support and stand with us in our mission for achieving the God-given dignity that all young people deserve."

The YCW movement also calls on their fellow young people to join with them in standing up for dignity. Young people should recognise the dignity that they are entitled to and respect their colleagues in the same way. They should also act as a support for any colleagues or friends who may be subjected to indignity in their workplace and work with them to try and eradicate it.


YCW calls for dignity in the workplace (Independent Catholic News)