Cardijn Project Association Seychelles opens new office

posted 29 Aug 2010, 00:45 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 29 Aug 2010, 01:22 ]
On 15 August 2010, the Cardijn's Project Association (CPA) of the Seychelles opened a small but modest office/centre, where young people can meet to organise various social/recreational and educational activites. 

The activities will also help the young workers off the streets,drugs and crime, the association hopes.

The accompanying photos shows the opening of the office by a group of young people, who were also doing some musical recordings.

The CPA aims to engage young people in serious debates and discussions and get them to offer suggestions as to how  young workers opinions can find way in the decision making process.

Youths who joined CPA programme, can gear themselves for an adventure into the "Cardijn methodology." 

"So we are putting together a lot of educational (training) materials and wriritings on the Life and Times of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn," the association announces.

The association was registered on the 30th December 2008 under the Republic of Seychelles Registration of Associations Act (Cap 201) Section 4. 

Cardijn's Project Association Team

Seychelles Cardijn Project Association centre