British Christian socialist John Toomey mourned

posted 9 Nov 2010, 08:05 by Stefan Gigacz
British ex-YCW leader and Christian socialist John Toomey, who has died aged 84, was a pillar of the London Borough of Camden community. 

"However you define working class radical that is just what he was. His was a Christian socialist vision. He was an active member of his Catholic parish of St Aloysius, Somers Town, all his adult life," writes Bruce Kent at Independent Catholic News. 

He trained as a carpenter, spent the war years repairing bombed properties, which exempted him from military service in WWII. Later he became a printer.

In Somers Town, an often forgotten London ‘village’ between Euston and Kings Cross, he carried on the social work project initiated in the 1920s by Father Jellicoe, the great Anglican priest and community worker, Kent says. 

John served on the committee of Jellicoe’s St Pancras Housing Association for 37 years and was also elected twice as a Labour party member of Camden Council. He found time too to serve on two school governing bodies. The improvement of the local area was his life long passion. 

He married his wife Mary Paul, whom he met through the Young Christian Workers, in 1952. They had four daughters and one adopted son who unexpectedly died earlier this year.


Tribute to John Toomey  (Bruce Kent, Independent Catholic News)