YCW and the Workers Struggle in South Africa

posted 21 Feb 2009, 07:28 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 16 Apr 2010, 18:20 ]
This is a new blogstyle website in the process of development by former IYCW international president, Moses Cloete, and former South African and Pan-African YCW chaplain, Jean-Marie Dumortier.

"Many of us thought it urgent to collect testimonies on the contribution of the YCW to the history of the Workers’ struggle in South Africa and on its impact on the many leaders who were involved in it," Jean-Marie and Moses write.

"It was decided to launch a blogspot to record, and preserve some part of the history of the YCW in South Africa as a contribution to the struggles of future generations and in memory of times gone by," they say.

Already the site features the story of David Modimoeng, a YCW leader from the Oukasie-Brits area, scene of a long struggle against apartheid.

It also features the speech given by former South African President Nelson Mandela to the IYCW International Council in 1995.

The site promises to be an excellent resource.