Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Mission Charism

posted 9 Mar 2009, 03:47 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 16 Apr 2010, 18:22 by Stefan Gigacz ]
The Comprehensive Course on the Franciscan Mission Charism is a German initiative in the city of Wurzburg.

"The wish to re-discover the missionary dimension in Franciscan spirituality and to deepen the understanding of it gave rise during 1982 to the idea of writing a basic course on the theme Mission," the CCFMC website says.

"It was to deal with the charisma of Saint Francis as it is being lived out in the various Franciscan orders and congregations working in widely different cultures.

"In the middle of the 1980s, the plan took concrete shape. The Correspondence Course on Franciscan Missionary Charisma was taken up with enthusiasm by our Brothers and Sisters all over the world, who helped to spread its message. It was not confined to Franciscans alone, people outside the religious orders and congregations also participated.

"And so an intercultural dialogue was started...

The CCFDMC also follows the see - judge - act methodology. 

"It calls for a reflection on the causes and consequences of the events and from the perspective of Franciscan/Christian values come up with resolutions that would be translated into action."