Doctor Cardijn

In 1999, at a consultation meeting with former International YCW leaders during the IYCW History Project, former international president Romeo Maione relaunched a proposal for a campaign to honour Cardijn as a doctor of the Church.

"The essence of a doctor is to diagnose and heal illness. Cardijn discovered after very many efforts to reach modern working youth that they suffered from the dreadful disease of alienation. Young workers had accepted that they were nothing," Romeo Maione wrote earlier in 1981.

"Cardijn cured the deadly illness of alienation by asking young workers to believe in their dignity and importance. Without this act of genuine faith, all other acts of faith but confirms their nothingness.

"The time is ripe with a new millenium around the corner of history for millions of young workers and students who found real faith through the methods and teachings of Cardijn to ask the Church to declare Cardijn a true doctor of the church. I am not sure of the church process in declaring one a doctor but surely if the Church is to receive a million or so letters asking that the Church name Cardijn a doctor of the Church something is bound to happen," Maione wrote.

CCI endorses this proposal and wishes to work for the proclamation of Cardijn as a Doctor of the Church..

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