New and dynamic Asia-Pacific Coordination

posted 18 Aug 2009, 03:17 by CCI Media

The following are the members of the Asia-Pacific Regional Coordination elected at the 2 day CCI- General Assembly in Malaysia on the 9th August 2009.

1.       Paul Sinnappan (Malaysia)

2.       Rungrote Surakit (Thailand)

3.       Ms Glynis Joseph (India)

4.       Ms Paulina James (Malaysia)

5.       Francis Mane (Singapore)

We wish the team all success in their endeavours.


New members in the International Coordination

Owing to the exit of one of the members elected at the last General Assembly in Chennai, India in February 2008, 2 new members were elected as members of the CCI International Coordination. They are:

1.       Ruki Fernando (Sri Lanka)

2.       Ms Rebecca Sinnappan (Malaysia)

We welcome the new International Coordination members and wish them all the best.