The Resurrection and Our Resolve

posted 9 Apr 2009, 00:07 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 23 Jun 2010, 02:34 ]
Passion and Resurrection 

The shadow of the cross that was raised on Golgotha reaches across the centuries to offer comfort, forgiveness, and hope to us today. 

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son" (John Chapter 3:16). Jesus had to love us beyond measure to give Himself willingly to die for our sake. 

As we are preparing to celebrate Easter, the day of ‘resurrection’ of Jesus, we must admit that this joy preceded grave humiliation, suffering and death on the cross by Jesus for us and for the sake of humanity. 

As leaders who have been formed in Cardijn movements to see with the eyes of Christ, judge with the heart of Christ and act as Christ would act; this is a time for a deeper reflection on how we are living that commitment made while we were active in our movement. 

The System that failed 

Over the years, Cardijn Community International network has been initiating discussions and campaigns on the effects of ‘globalization’ which further multiplied the problems of poverty, inequality and exploitation posing a great threat to human dignity. The greatest ‘economic crisis’ of our times proves that there is something basically wrong with the system they are promoting. While the benefits accrued and profits earned through ‘globalization’ were cornered by a few economic powers and wealthy nations, the ‘ill effects’ and ‘consequences’ of the failures of this system without a ‘human face’ is forced upon the whole of humanity. 

Job losses, wage cuts, factory closures, redundancies, relocations, growth of unemployment, problems in mortgaging, cut in interest rate affecting the pensioners and the aged, hasty disposal of properties, uncertainty over the future and many such problems have become the order of the day. Faced with a sudden downslide, people commit suicide; families are split; marriages are postponed; child birth postponed; go in for abortions; affected by depression and panic syndrome. Even charity organizations are being closed or activities restricted. 

While this is so, governments are trying to ‘pamper’ the same system which failed to deliver, with stimulus packages to the tune of trillions of dollars. Who will benefit from such measures is anybody’s guess! 

Cardijn’s prophetic vision 

Cardijn prophesied about this when in October 1951 he said: “And perhaps for the first time in history all humanity, including men of the greatest knowledge and vision, realizes in fear and trembling the power of death and destruction to which the abuse of science and omnipotent technology can give birth, if humanity loses the sense of God, of faith, of eternity.” 

Cardijn himself outlines our task in a speech on 25th August 1957 when he claimed that “the whole future of the world, even the future of humanity is at stake. In actual fact this future is in the hands of all men, especially those who make up the masses and who are dedicated, through their daily life, to the solution of the world’s problems. These are the laymen. They must build the world in its many aspects…” 

As Cardijn movement leaders, let us resolve to build a development model with human dignity and human values as the core which can guarantee ‘sustainable development’. On this Easter day, let us resolve to work together based on Cardijn’s vision, spirituality and methodology and become a force to reckon with by joining hands with all those who are for ‘sustainable development’. 

The International Coordination of CCI wishes you and all in your family and community a very happy Easter. 

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