New Pentecost - Sunday, May 11, 2008

posted 10 Oct 2008, 20:55 by Stefan Gigacz

CCI is one of the founding partners of the New Pentecost forum and has been actively participating by organizing various events in places where it exists. In fact, New Pentecost was an occasion in the past for many new groups of CCI to emerge.


About New Pentecost Forum

The New Pentecost Forum ( is a partnership and meeting place for many Church and faith-based community groups and individuals involved in peace, justice, welfare, development, and ecology. It is an opportunity to showcase and exchange between groups and is not a movement or organization in itself. The Forum is an affirmation of faith-based participation in public and political life as well as diversity and inclusiveness within the Church. Each year, the meeting is on Pentecost Sunday.


“Sustainable Development” and CCI

In the recently concluded General Assembly in India, it was decided that we work with the theme “Sustainable Development” with a focus on education to change the ‘dehumanized world’ using Cardijn’s methodology of SEE-JUDGE-ACT.


CCI believes that for development to be sustainable it is essential to integrate environmental stewardship together with economic development and the well-being of all people not only for the present but also for generations to come. The vision statement of CCI clearly reflects this goal. (Peace and harmony in society, to build a just society, promote human values, restore human dignity, develop holistic alternatives, ensure human rights, help realize meaning of life, work towards ‘sustainable development’ and build harmony between humanity and nature).


New Pentecost events - May 11, 2008

Pentecost is an occasion for us to recall (Acts 2:1-13) and rededicate ourselves to be the ‘leaven’ among the masses. CCI groups are encouraged to organize events on or around Pentecost Sunday (May 11) according to the context of the place to focus on the theme “Sustainable Development”. The event could be a gathering, a symposium, workshop, Holy Eucharist, meeting over Tea/Dinner, etc.


In order to symbolize the new way of life of the early believers (Acts 2:43-47), we suggest that the CCI groups integrate a ‘financial drive’ during New Pentecost event. Just as we are all united in our mission to continue Cardijn’s vision, the early believers were together and had all things in common; sold their possessions and distributed to those in need.


The effort to raise funds could be on a smaller level to meet the coordination expenses within the country and at the international level. Each group can decide on the mode of this campaign and contribute 25% of the income to the national / regional coordination and 25% to the international coordination. Where there is no national coordination, 50% may be sent to the international coordination. Individuals and direct members can send their contribution directly.


This symbolic financial drive on Pentecost Day is very significant for CCI. Though many international funding agencies did not find our vision worthy of their support, it is the Holy Spirit’s guidance that motivates the success of CCI’s self-financing through its members, friends and contacts.


The New Pentecost event will be a precursor to the post-WYD Training Session on “Sustainable Development thro’ Conscious and Responsible Communities” in Melbourne during July 2008 as per the decision of the last CCI General Assembly. Whatever fund raised; however meager it may be will be your ‘solidarity participation’ in this endeavour.


In India, cash or cheque can be remitted in any Punjab National Bank branch to account name: Cardijn Community International - SB A/c No.361100 0100931465. Others can send their contribution to: Cardijn Community International A/c at Bendigo Bank, 117-119, Puckle St. Moonee Ponds, VIC 3039, Australia. Branch No.633 300; A/c No.131079006; SWIFT Code: BENDAU3B. If you wish to contribute thro’ PAYPAL, we shall guide you on request.


Do keep us informed of your plans.


In Solidarity,


M. J. Ruben - Stefan Gigacz - Joseph Baptiste - Fr. Servatius - Dr. Bernard D’Sami


International Coordination.

3 April 2008