CCI appeals for 'Task of Peace Education' to be on top of agenda

posted 29 Aug 2009, 02:15 by CCI Media   [ updated 23 Jun 2010, 02:32 by Stefan Gigacz ]
Task of Peace Education – the Urgent Need 

We, the participants representing different organizations from various countries in Asia-Pacific assembled at the CCI-Symposium on 'Peace Education for Sustainable Development' at La Salle, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia make the following declaration and appeal to all concerned to make the 'Task of Peace Education' the urgent need and a top priority in their agenda at all levels. 

Declaration: We are concerned at the worst economic crisis the world is facing since 1929. Despite application of modern and cyber technology, the system has failed to bail out people from abject poverty. Instead, the economic crisis pushes people further into poverty and a state of helplessness. Terrorism is another major menace which costs heavily on the budgets of governments around the world. This affects the welfare and social security measures of the people to a great extent. Climate change and global warming is yet another crisis that we encounter. This serious threat is the result of the abuse of technology and nature by humanity. Religious fundamentalism creates tension and conflicts in many countries and between countries. 

Every one looks forward to a society where there will be no want of basic necessities for the people and where every one will live a life of equality, dignity and peace. Communities around the world are working towards building a better world. CCI is one such network that works towards sustainable development. ‘Peace Education’ is the only way by which we can achieve sustainable development. Peace education includes different concepts and approaches to different contexts which will ultimately guide humanity to its rightful state of being in a complete peace. 

Appeal: We therefore appeal to the United Nations Organization, all heads of governments, civil society organizations, NGOs, youth/student organizations, worker organizations, religious as well as secular organizations and all political parties to give 'peace' the top priority in their agenda and to strive to include 'Peace Education' at all levels of individual and community life as the fundamental focus to achieve progress and integral human development. 

Challenge to peace in one country affects every one globally. Cutting across national boundaries, let us not only work for a world without violence and war but also for a world without hatred, hunger, any form of prejudice or discrimination by ethnicity, gender, colour, race or religion or political affiliations or beliefs; a world without economic inequality, political and religious radicalism, acute nationalism and mindless acts of terrorism. 

We firmly believe that 'Peace Education' will ultimately counteract all the mechanisms of dehumanization and will hasten the process of sustainable development. It is in this context, individual and collective human dignity could be restored besides harnessing a lasting harmony between humanity and nature. 'Task of Peace Education' therefore is the urgent need of the hour. 

La Salle, Petaling Jaya - August 8, 2009