Newman and Cardijn

posted 18 Sep 2010, 17:34 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 19 Sep 2010, 23:02 ]
Cardijn Community International

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Remembering Cardinal John Henry Newman

CCI welcomes the news that Pope Benedict will today formally beatify the great 19th century Englishman Cardinal John Henry Newman.

Cardinal Joseph Cardijn was himself indebted to Cardinal Newman whose writings Cardijn read extensively as a young priest a debt explicitly acknowledged by Cardijn in notes he wrote at the end of his lifei.

Moreover, Cardinal Newman was also an important inspiration for another of Cardijn's philosophical influences, the French philosopher Leon Olle-Laprune, whose writings assisted Cardijn in the formulation of the see-judge-act methodii.

In addition, it is significant to note that Newman re-established the Oratorian Fathers in England just a few years before Father Alphonse Gratry re-founded the Oratory in France. The philosophy and theology of Alphonse Gratry was another important source of Cardijn's own workiii.

All these links indicate the deep intellectual foundation of Cardijn's work and of the Cardijn movements.

We pray that the beatification of Cardinal Newman will provide a stimulus to further study not only of Newman but also of Gratry, Olle-Laprune, Cardijn and all those who belonged to this important intellectual movement in the Church.

Cardijn Community International

19 September 2010


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