Cardijn Community International endorses call of Pope to eradicate hunger

posted 10 Oct 2008, 21:01 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 23 Jun 2010, 02:42 by Stefan Gigacz ]

The Cardijn Community International endorses the call of Pope Benedict to those who share the body of Christ not to remain indifferent to those who, even in our days, lack daily bread. Cardijn Community International notes with deep anguish the plight of the poor in developing countries who are further being marginalized in the name of globalization. 

“Poverty has become the subject matter for international summits but nothing concrete is being done to drastically change the face of the poor nations”, noted M. J. Ruben, International Convener of CCI. Instead of reducing poverty, there has been a growing trend of robbing poor nations of even the little resources they are left out with in the name of global trade and development, said the International Convener. 

Lay initiatives to work towards development needs encouragement by the Church. Quoting the methodology of Cardinal Cardijn, the founder of the International Young Christian Workers movement, of seeing with the eyes of Christ, judging with the heart of Christ and to act as Christ would act, CCI called for encouragement to lay actions outside the parish structures. “The capacity of the young people for action to bring about social change should be recognized and their talents should not be limited only to parochial structures or to liturgical events” noted the CCI. 

“It is with this in mind, the Cardijn Community International is planning for various events of leadership training to the youth and community leaders as a follow up of World Youth Day in Australia in July this year. Unfortunately, the initiatives for leadership formation, development education and forming responsible people do not receive the support it requires”, said M. J. Ruben. 

The International Convener expressed disappointment with some of the International Christian Donor agencies who do not consider it worth to train people to bring about development and change. Every one wants to see immediate results and it is not surprising that this trend is present with the Donor Agencies who support projects of NGOs for relief, structures and buildings. 

Cardijn Community International extends its whole hearted support to the initiatives of Vatican to end poverty and urges Pope Benedict to involve lay organizations in the UN summit to be hosted in Rome in June this year. (May 28, 2008)