Cardijn Community International (CCI) launched in Australia

posted 10 Oct 2008, 21:16 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 23 Jun 2010, 02:41 by Stefan Gigacz ]
Former and current leaders and chaplains from the YCS, YCW, CWM, MIJARC, 

Young People for Development (YPD), pilgrims to the WYD from Australia, Cambodia, France, Japan, India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam including the faculty members from Cardijn College, Adelaide attended a two-day Conference on ‘My Community’ on the 24th and 25th July at St. Francis Pastoral Centre, Melbourne followed by a Public Forum on ‘International Community Development and Networking’ on the 26th July at Australian Catholic University. 

It may be recalled that at the concluding mass during the World Youth Day at Sydney with 400,000 pilgrims, the Pope warned of ‘the spiritual desert that is spreading along side material prosperity’ and proclaimed that the world and the church needed renewal. 

CCI an international Catholic lay apostolate network linking all those leaders trained in Cardijn movements organised these post-WYD events as a follow up to the World Youth Day 2008 to ensure an on-going participation of young people and trained lay leaders alike in building a better world based on social justice and equality. 

Starting from the life in the local community, the participants reviewed the reality at the international level based on SEE-JUDGE-ACT methodology. Testimonies on actions undertaken in various communities were presented by the participants which gave a ‘new hope’ that a change is possible. It was therefore decided to strengthen the CCI network, which was seen as one of the alternatives. 

Cardijn Community International is present in Asia-Pacific, Africa, North America and Europe. The network trains leaders in Cardijn’s methodology and develops a Cardijn culture to present to the future generation. Cardijn Resource Centre established by the CCI is involved in research on lay apostolate and publishes the works of Cardinal Cardijn to promote Cardijn’s vision on spirituality and lay apostolate. CCI encourages its members to work towards sustainable development and facilitates international exchanges. 

Bishops Dr. Tim Costelloe, SDB and Dr. Hilton Deakin, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop, Melbourne, Dr. Jacques Boulet, Borderland Cooperatives and M. J. Ruben, International Convenor, CCI were among the key resource persons at the events. 

Cardijn Community International – Australia was officially launched during the Conference and the following were elected to the Coordination Team: 

Paul Rijken (Adelaide), Kevin Vaughan (Melbourne), John Bonnice (Bendigo), Mark Ager (Adelaide) and David Maloney (Melbourne).