Cardijn Community International calls for solidarity with the devastated people of Myanmar on ‘Pentecost Sunday’

posted 10 Oct 2008, 21:00 by Stefan Gigacz
Expressing deep anguish at the heavy human toll following the ‘monstrous’ storm Nargis in Myanmar, Cardijn Community International, an international lay network of people for development, has urged its members and the Catholic community to observe ‘Pentecost Sunday’ (May 11) as a day of solidarity with the people of Myanmar.


“Impacts on human survival is often felt long after such natural disasters” said M. J. Ruben, the international convener of CCI. Referring to the latest estimate that the death toll could reach 100,000, he said the international community should rise up to the rescue of the suffering Myanmar people. Noting that food, clean water, shelter, clothing and life saving drugs will be the most needed items, CCI network has appealed to the Catholic Church to concretize the call of Pope Benedict to help the people of Myanmar.


“The descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and believers on the day of the Pentecost and different tongues speaking symbolized ‘solidarity’ of the believers.

Therefore, Pentecost Sunday is the best time to urge the Catholic community to join in the universal prayer for the people of Myanmar and also to offer all possible material help” said M. J. Ruben.


Noting that the international relief agencies including CARITAS and many countries have come forward to help, the Cardijn Community International is appealing to all its members in different countries to mobilize public opinion in support of the people of Myanmar.


Cardijn Community International is a founder member of the New Pentecost Forum which is an ecumenical partnership and meeting place for many church and faith based community groups and individuals involved in peace, justice, welfare, development and ecology. According to its international convener, M. J. Ruben, the network organizes various programmes around the world every year on Pentecost Sunday including Holy Eucharistic celebration.


May 8, 2008