Attacks on Christians: Cardijn Community calls for communal harmony

posted 11 Oct 2008, 00:00 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 23 Jun 2010, 02:40 by Stefan Gigacz ]
Cardijn Community International is shocked and distressed at the atrocities against the Christians in Orissa and Karnataka by hard core fundamentalist and extremist forces. People are burnt to death, women including religious are raped, houses and churches are torched and a reign of terror let loose against the Christians. What is happening in these states is not just a violation of the Constitution but a breakdown of the Constitutional machinery itself. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself described the violence against Christians as a "National Shame." 

Cardijn Community International (CCI) endorses the call of the Catholic bishops in India for strong measures against such terrorism, immediate disarmament and detention of fundamentalist groups, compensation for Christian churches that have been damaged and bringing to justice of those responsible for these actions. Archbishop A. M. Chinnappa had rightly called upon the government of India to identify the perpetrators of such atrocities as terrorist groups and to ban them. 

Right to freedom of religion is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution of India. Therefore the CCI calls for immediate steps to be taken by government of India to assure displaced Christians to return home and to ensure their safety and compensate them for the loss of properties. We urge the government of India to act with an iron hand and with the urgency of action as of a political crisis of a constitutional breakdown. These steps should act as a deterrent to the others. 

We call upon all secular and religious organizations and parties, irrespective of their political view point, to work towards communal harmony and avoid using these events to avail political mileage. Poverty, ignorance, communal hatred, religious fundamentalism and terrorism are the evils that have to be wiped out in India and not the minorities, CCI observes. 

Cardijn Community International is a Catholic network for sustainable development and harmony. The network is named after Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, the founder of the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) movement. 

Rev. Fr. S. Servatius - Clifford Bastian - Ms. Maryanne Ekka - Xavier Anthony 

National Coordination Team - October 10, 2008

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