2010 - a year of hope

posted 30 Dec 2009, 16:50 by CCI Media
2009 has been a year of ups and downs for all of us. The world faced a terrible financial crunch which affected each and every one, particularly the less fortunate and the under privileged. Concerns were expressed at the global level at the ecological degradation but nothing concrete emerges in terms of practicing what the 'big bosses' preach. For us in CCI, it was also a year of loss of many of our members and friends of Cardijn movements. 2009 was also a year of growth for CCI.
Let us hope that 2010 will be a year of hope, reconciliation, renewal and a step towards a better future for humanity. We, at the Internaitonal Coordination wish you and all in your family and community a very happy and peaceful New Year. May all of us join hands to make this world a better place not just for us to for the future generation.