CCI South East Asia Meet - 8-9 Aug. 2009

posted 20 May 2009, 21:05 by Ruben Joseph   [ updated 27 Jun 2009, 09:09 by CCI Media ]
With a view to bring all those leaders trained through Cardijn movements in the SE Asian countries and to forge a network, a two day meet will be held on 8th & 9th August 2009 at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. This region has given to Cardijn movements great leaders both at the national and international levels, many of who continue serving the community in different fields.
Symposium on 'Peace Education':  8th August 2009
Peace is not just the state of absence of war or conflict. We are also concerned about the loss or absence of peace due to insecurity of job, life; social injustice; economic inequality; political and religious radicalism; acute nationalism; poverty; prejudice; discrimination; gender imbalance; rape; violence; human trafficking; forced migration; displacement from native land; etc. CCI feels that the only effective way to achieve sustainable develpment is through the task of peace education.
The Symposium is open to all those who are interested in peace and development.
Study on 'My Community' and General Assembly: 9th August 2009
This event is exclusively for Cardijn movement leaders and others who adopt see-judge-act methodology and willing to be a part of the network. Charles Santiago, Member of Parliament in Malaysia and Paul Sinappan, expert in See-Judge-Act and Micro Credit are helping out in the organisation of the CCI SE Asia Meet. M. J. Ruben and Stefan Gigacz, International Coordinators met with them on May 19, 2009 at Kuala Lumpur to discuss preparatory work.
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