CCI Philippines inquires into Cardijn impact

posted 4 Oct 2010, 06:38 by Stefan Gigacz
CCI Philippines has launched an inquiry into the impact of Joseph Cardijn and of the See-Judge-Act method on the lives of people.

An online inquiry form has been posted enabling people to share their own experience of the use of the see-judge-act in their own lives and communities.

The objective of the survey is to discover how people who have experienced the Cardijn movements have applied its methodology in their lives subsequently.

"This is an inquiry to take a closer look at the impact of Joseph Cardinal Cardijn on people," the survey explains.                                   

"Where are they now?  What happened after being young and active? 

"To trace those who were immersed in the review of life methodology, let us see what they are doing NOW."                          
The inquiry can be viewed at the following location: