CCI India TOT 2010 Detailed Program

Training of Trainers on

Review of Life – through SEE-JUDGE-ACT and

Preparation of Training Module


  • To enable Review of Life become a way of life

  • To refresh/recollect our memories/lived experiences in the Cardijn movements

  • To work out a training module by practical adaptation of the methodology and techniques

  • To bring out a simplified module for training to suit all types of groups and situations/realities.


  1. Training Course for CCI National Team and other selected leaders of CCI

  2. Selected key leaders from other Cardijn movements(current and former)

  3. Interested international CCI leaders

  4. Draft module to be prepared and studied by the participants before they come for the training.

Day 1:

  • Presentation of life situations of the participants / written testimonies based on guidelines

  • Interaction leading to judging (analysis)

Day 2:

  • Draw schematic synthesis of reality / testimonies

  • Categorise

  • Pick out realities / testimonies for case study

Day 3:

  • Incorporation of conclusions of Day 2 in draft module

  • Divide 4 groups – ROL: why and how; See; Judge; Act/

  • Each group will finalise their part

  • Decide on a working group to prepare the Module