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Welcome to our CCI blog

posted 11 Sep 2010, 00:58 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 11 Sep 2010, 01:49 ]
Welcome to our CCI blog page,  a new addition to our website. 

On this blog, we hope to keep you updated about the latest additions to our websites and to let you know quickly about any other news that may not warrant a full article on the site.

Just to let you know, CCI now has 5 websites focusing on different aspects of our work:

1. - The home website for the Cardijn Community International emphasising news, particularly relating to CCI, the Cardijn movements and the lay apostolate in general.

2. - This is the website where we host original Cardijn documents and testimonies relating to his life. This site is in English which means that most of the documents here are translations from the original French (in most cases). We now have around 30 talks and articles already posted.

3. - Here we post Cardijn's writings in their original French. Even though he was Flemish by origin, Cardijn in fact wrote mostly in French. Also around 30 articles here.

4. - Here we post other articles and links relating to various aspects of Cardijn's life and work as well as training resources relating to see, judge, act, etc.

5. - This is the special website we have created for our New Pentecost program. Each year around Pentecost Sunday we hold an event or series of events seeking to highlight an aspect of Cardijn's heritage. 

We will keep you updated through this blog on all the latest news.

And don't forget that you can subscribe by email to our updates by simply clicking on Subscribe in the menu above.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Gigacz
CCI Secretary