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See Judge Act around the world

posted 4 Oct 2010, 22:32 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 4 Oct 2010, 23:23 ]
Once again we have an eclectic mix of items to present in this round up.

Hanoi Young People for Development give us our cover story for the week with an item on this group's charitable and development work, including a visit to a local hospital in Vietnam. The group follows the See Judge Act methodology.

Speaking of hospital visits, we also feature a blog by the Mtima Woyer YCW group from Lilongwe, Malawi, who have also been carrying out visitation of the sick.

This week also marks the feast of St Therese of Lisieux, named patron of the YCW by Pope Pius XI in 1929. This item from the English YCW spells out the spirituality of the Little Flower

Chicago labor activist, Bill Droel, reflects on the role of the Cardijn-inspired movements in responding to Pope Benedict's call for a new evangelisation in the countries with "churches of ancient foundation", meaning Europe in particular.

We also remember American Franciscan Father Boniface Hanley whose 1978 book Ten Christian: By Their Deeds You Shall Know Them features a chapter on the life of Cardijn that has often been used by groups around the world. Father Hanley died in New Jersey last month.

And coming down to actual and forthcoming events, the Philippines CCI team is active already with an online survey of the impact that the See Judge Act method has had on the lives of those who have passed through the Cardijn movements. Check it out and fill it in.

Finally, CCI is officially announcing its 10th anniversary conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 23-24 July 2011. Start booking your flights down to get the best price.

And to prepare for that event, please check out new and updated translations of Cardijn's three speeches to the Second Vatican Council in 1965 that we could consider as his prophetic testament to future generations. We hooe to publish these articles in a print version in 2011 as part of our preparations for the 50th anniversary of Vatican II.

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Stefan Gigacz

Mtima Woyer YCW fundraising day