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posted 31 Jan 2011, 18:22 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 1 Feb 2011, 04:56 ]

Thanks for visiting us here. This is our 2008-2010 which is now archived. Feel free to browse the articles that we have posted over the last 3 years or so.

We have a new website which is now live at 

Thanks for visiting.

The Team

Welcoming 2011 - CCI 10th anniversary year

posted 10 Jan 2011, 19:11 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 10 Jan 2011, 19:41 ]

New Year Greetings to all our readers.

We are happy to announce that the first CCI event of 2011 has been a great success.

CCI India has just completed its Youth for Change National Conference in Goa. Read the report and the Goa Declaration here.

CCI Convenor MJ Ruben reports that 60 young people and animators attended the gathering from many regions of India, including Mumbai, Jharkhand, Patna, Jamshedpur, Hyderabad, Kanniyakumari. Chennai, Guntur, Pune, Udaipur, Goa, Nagpur, Gujarat, Bangalore and Tuticorin.

"Fantastic response," Ruben writes." Never expected the youth to be so responsive and attentive."

This year is also another year of Cardijn centenaries. In a few months, we will mark the hundredth anniversary of Cardijn's visit to London to meet the English trade union leaders, particularly Ben Tillett of the Dockers Union who had so much impact on his conception of the future YCW.

Read Cardijn's report of this momentous trip here in English or here in the original French.


There will be some major events for CCI coming up this year, notably our 10th centenary of our foundation as the Cardijn Liaison Committee at a Network for Development conference in Bangkok in July 2001.

We plan to celebrate this anniversary and make plans for the coming years at our International Forum and General Assembly once again in Bangkok on 23-24 July 2011. More details here and hope you can join us.

Also coming up this year is a major conference to be held by the Cardijn Community Australia to be held in Melbourne from 4-6 November at the Archdiocesan Centre and the Catholic Theological College. We will have publish more details as they become available.

New resources

Latest items on our Cardijn Resources website include a link to a video of the 1957 Pilgrimage to Rome made by British Pathe.

Don't hesitate to contact us with news of other video resources to include in our list.

Also published on the Cardijn Documents site is Cardijn's 1956 speech to English and Welsh YCW chaplains, Quaerite Primum - Seek First. It is a tour de force of Cardijn's basic philosophy and method and is one of the few published texts that were originally delivered in English.

Here also is a link to the announcement by Marc Sangnier of the closure of Le Sillon, the magazine of the French Sillon movement, which was the major precursor to the Cardijn movements. It was the closure of the Sillon which opened the door to the emergence of the YCW.

What Cardijn thought about all this can also be found in this short article, 25 août: L'héritage du Sillon et la JOC, that I wrote for the French magazine, Les Cahiers de l'Atelier.

Meanwhile, all the best for 2011 from the CCI Team.

Stefan Gigacz
for the CCI Team

Merry Christmas from CCI

posted 22 Dec 2010, 19:04 by Stefan Gigacz

Christmas greetings from the CCI Coordination Team.

It has been a busy year for all of us, particularly over the last couple of months with lots of news and developments.


Congratulations to CCI India for the success of their inaugural Training of Trainers program at Salem, Tamil Nadu earlier this month.

CCI India is also organising its first Youth 4 Change Conference in Goa from 6-8 January 2011. There are already 80 registrations for the program and enrolments are now closed as the venue is at its maximum. This is really a fantastic achievement and augurs well for the work of CCI in 2011.

Thanks to the CCI India Team and International Convenor MJ Ruben for all their work on these events.

Meanwhile, I was in Paris to take part in the 8th Young People for Development International Exchange and Training Program in October. YPD is emerging as a genuine new See- Judge-Act movement working in 7-8 countries across Asia. Excellent work by the French YPD team.

I also took part in a seminar organised by the Institute Marc Sangnier to mark the centenary of Pope Pius X's letter to the French bishops which tragically led to the closure of the Sillon (Furrow) movement. 

The Sillon movement was the prototype of the Cardijn movements and was largely responsible for the development of the method that we now know as the See Judge Act. Read my history of the links between the Sillon and the YCW here.

During my visit to France I was also able to take part in an event commemorating the life of French YCW, Fr George Guerin. A formal process for his beatification has already started. And many people in France were asking when will the process for Cardijn also begin.

In November, I also took part in a coordination meeting of the Cardijn Community Australia. This network is also taking shape and is in the planning process for a major national conference in late 2011.


Check out some of our recent news including a South Asian YCS meeting in Sri Lanka and a memorial for a Sudan YCS 'martyr', 

We are also proud to welcome a new CCI network emerging in Indonesia. Founded by Lutheran Pastor Batara Sihombing, CCI Indonesia has launched among a group of Lutheran seminarians and pastors in North Sumatra. We are grateful to Batara and his colleagues for opening up this new frontier of ecumenical cooperation for us.

In another important initiative, a group of friends and colleagues of Belgian priest Fr Francois Houtart launched a process to have him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Humbly, Francois however requested the group to withdraw their initiative. Meanwhile, there is a nice interview (in French) with Francois here in which he pays tribute to the YCW.


Condolences also on the recent deaths of Cardijn movement friend, Bishop Bunluen Mansap of Thailand and ex-Thailand YCW chaplain, Fr Pitak, ex-YCW and Cardijn Community member, Geraldine Crane in Australia and British socialist and ex-YCW John Toomey. Coimbatore ex-YCW leader and CCI India member,.S. Mariadoss also passed away last month.

Well, as you can see, much has been happening over the last couple of months.

We expect even more in 2011, beginning with the Y4C Conference in Goa.

Please join us also for the CCI 10th Anniversary International Forum and General Assembly slated for Bangkok on 23-24 July 2010. We expect this to be a great occasion. Start planning your trip now.

Meanwhile, we wish all our members and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in the Spirit of Cardijn.

Stefan Gigacz
for the CCI Coordination Team

Cardijn live during Vatican II!

posted 8 Oct 2010, 07:32 by Stefan Gigacz

Today marks eight years since we opened the first major CCI event, Vatican II in the Age of Globalisation: Lay contribution to the Church and the world, held in Bangkok from 8-11 October 2002 to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council.

Now it is only two years to go until we mark the 50th anniversary of Vatican II. Already we are planning to mark this occasion by launching a 3 year study program Vatican 2 @ 50 from 2012-2015.

Next year's CCI conference in Bangkok will be an important step in planning this program.

And we are already working to prepare the necessary documents.

Latest document on our website are a new series of extracts from the conciliar diary of the late French Cardinal Yves Congar, an expert at the Council.

These extracts are particularly revelatory of the "behind the scenes' thinking of both Congar and Cardijn. Be prepared for a shock when you learn which Vatican officials they regarded as "cretins" or "useless"!

Meanwhile, we have just discovered an online live recording of an address by Cardijn delivered in Rome during the last days of the Council in November 1965. What a speech! Even those who don't understand French will have no difficulty in hearing and feeling Cardijn's passion as he speaks about the situation of workers in the world.

The recording has been published by the Centre for the Study of the Second Vatican Council at the Catholic University of Leuven. Interestingly, the list of recordings also includes a presentation by sociologist of religion, Father Francois Houtart. Listen to Francois here.

Like Cardijn and Congar, Houtart was also an expert at the Council. Indeed, Cardijn wanted Houtart to succeed him as chaplain of the International YCW.

Now Francois Houtart is in the news again today as a group of friends and colleagues launch an initiative to have him nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Read more about this nomination in our article here.

And add your name to the list of supporters at the website

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Australian Bishop Kevin Manning, a former YCW chaplain and a strong backer of worker rights, has been honoured with the launch of a new series of annual lectures named for him. The first lecture was delivered this week in Sydney by former Australian Prime Minister and trade union leader, Bob Hawke.

Lastly, check out this See Judge Act resource based on the way Australia's first saint Mother Mary MacKillop tried to meet every need.

See Judge Act around the world

posted 4 Oct 2010, 22:32 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 4 Oct 2010, 23:23 ]

Once again we have an eclectic mix of items to present in this round up.

Hanoi Young People for Development give us our cover story for the week with an item on this group's charitable and development work, including a visit to a local hospital in Vietnam. The group follows the See Judge Act methodology.

Speaking of hospital visits, we also feature a blog by the Mtima Woyer YCW group from Lilongwe, Malawi, who have also been carrying out visitation of the sick.

This week also marks the feast of St Therese of Lisieux, named patron of the YCW by Pope Pius XI in 1929. This item from the English YCW spells out the spirituality of the Little Flower

Chicago labor activist, Bill Droel, reflects on the role of the Cardijn-inspired movements in responding to Pope Benedict's call for a new evangelisation in the countries with "churches of ancient foundation", meaning Europe in particular.

We also remember American Franciscan Father Boniface Hanley whose 1978 book Ten Christian: By Their Deeds You Shall Know Them features a chapter on the life of Cardijn that has often been used by groups around the world. Father Hanley died in New Jersey last month.

And coming down to actual and forthcoming events, the Philippines CCI team is active already with an online survey of the impact that the See Judge Act method has had on the lives of those who have passed through the Cardijn movements. Check it out and fill it in.

Finally, CCI is officially announcing its 10th anniversary conference to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 23-24 July 2011. Start booking your flights down to get the best price.

And to prepare for that event, please check out new and updated translations of Cardijn's three speeches to the Second Vatican Council in 1965 that we could consider as his prophetic testament to future generations. We hooe to publish these articles in a print version in 2011 as part of our preparations for the 50th anniversary of Vatican II.

Click on all the links to read all the details.

Stefan Gigacz

Mtima Woyer YCW fundraising day

From Ben Tillett to Francis Xavier, trade union heroes

posted 20 Sep 2010, 07:31 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 20 Sep 2010, 08:03 ]

It's been quite a busy last 10 days at

First, we have posted a major "new" Cardijn article on our website, namely "L'organisation ouvriere anglaise", which tells the story of Cardijn's meeting with the English trade unionist, Ben Tillett (pictured), a meeting which was to be decisive in his life.

Published in 1911, the article is one of Cardijn's first major publications. We also have the English translation available at Check it out here: Worker organisation in England.

Yesterday, we published a CCI statement "Newman and Cardijn" to mark the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, a key intellectual influence on the young Cardijn.

In Cardijn Movement News, we highlight the work of the YCS in promoting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and of the Ghana YCW campaign to promote blood donations.

Plus we have a couple of very interesting both from Latin America:

Lay volunteer John Donaghy describes the work of his Honduras diocese using the See Judge Act method and Brazilian Cardinal Odile Scherer says that lay people must make a difference.

Lastly, we pay our respects and offer our condolences to the family of former Malaysian YCW and trade union leader, Francis Xavier, who died earlier this month.

 Funeral of Francis Xavier

Welcome to our CCI blog

posted 11 Sep 2010, 00:58 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 11 Sep 2010, 01:49 ]

Welcome to our CCI blog page,  a new addition to our website. 

On this blog, we hope to keep you updated about the latest additions to our websites and to let you know quickly about any other news that may not warrant a full article on the site.

Just to let you know, CCI now has 5 websites focusing on different aspects of our work:

1. - The home website for the Cardijn Community International emphasising news, particularly relating to CCI, the Cardijn movements and the lay apostolate in general.

2. - This is the website where we host original Cardijn documents and testimonies relating to his life. This site is in English which means that most of the documents here are translations from the original French (in most cases). We now have around 30 talks and articles already posted.

3. - Here we post Cardijn's writings in their original French. Even though he was Flemish by origin, Cardijn in fact wrote mostly in French. Also around 30 articles here.

4. - Here we post other articles and links relating to various aspects of Cardijn's life and work as well as training resources relating to see, judge, act, etc.

5. - This is the special website we have created for our New Pentecost program. Each year around Pentecost Sunday we hold an event or series of events seeking to highlight an aspect of Cardijn's heritage. 

We will keep you updated through this blog on all the latest news.

And don't forget that you can subscribe by email to our updates by simply clicking on Subscribe in the menu above.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Gigacz
CCI Secretary

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