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This is a list of articles available on the internet that refer to Cardijn and/or his heritage.

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Stefan Gigacz 'See, judge, act' more than truth by consensus 2007 Eureka Street 
David Griffiths "Not for Us, but for ALL" YCW Co-operative Movement c.2000 
Paul and Jane Leingang Joseph Cardijn - To See, Judge and Act as Jesus - A Transformational Process 1996 ICCFM 
Katharine Massam Dominic Mary Paul McGuire  Australian Dictionary of Biography 
Stefan Gigacz Leon Olle-Laprune - Philosopher of the See, Judge, Act 2001 
Luc Roussel Joseph Cardijn : une vie au service de la jeunesse ouvrière 2006 Carhop 
Anonymous Reynold Hillenbrand and the Sacred Liturgy  The Liturgical Institute, University of St Mary of the Lake 
Tim Unsworth Msgr Jack Egan: activist, reformer, a ‘city’s conscience’ 2001 National Catholic Reporter 
Ruth Bertels Fr Cozzens speaks to truth 2006 
Roger Aubert La JOC y las intuiciones de Joseph Cardijn 1997 CIJOC 
Tom Roberts Siding with KIDS to end cruelty 2008 National Catholic Reporter 
Alistair Ross Learning for a Democratic Europe 2001 Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe 
Jo Schoormans Progressive Roman Catholic Movements in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - Three Testimonies 2008 Fascinations 
Hugues Puel Catholicism and Politics in France in the 20th Century  2001 Oikonomia, Pontificia Università San Tommaso D'Aquino (Angelicum), Feb 2000 
John L. Allen Jr. CELAM update: The lasting legacy of liberation theology 2007 National Catholic Reporter 
Indre Cuplinskas Guns and Rosaries: The Use of Military Imagery in the French Canadian Catholic Student Newspaper JEC 2005 CCHA, Historical Studies, 71 (2005), 7-28 
Veit Strassner The Worker Priests: History and Development Tendencies of a Movement Fallen into Oblivion 
Balazs and Krisztina Menesi The Works of Gabriel Calvo, The origin and spirituality of Marriage Encounter and the FIRES program 2007 
Stuart Sellar The significance of the Pastoral Circle for modern Pastoral Theology  2004 Journal of Religious Education 
Peter Massing Categories of political judgment and approaches towards developing political judgment  Federal agency for political/civic education (Ed.): Developing Political Judgment. A task and approaches in political/civic education (Vol. 344, 1997) 
Bishop Malcolm McMahon Evangelisation Is Not A Solitary Task: We Need Dedicated Parish Teams  CASE Resources 
Gerald S. Twomey Pope John Paul II and the “Preferential Option for the Poor” in Catholic Social Teaching  St John's University, School of Law, New York 
Showing 22 items