Venezuela police in May Day attack on YCW, unionists

posted 3 May 2010, 20:39 by Stefan Gigacz
Venezuelan police attacked trade unionists and YCW leaders who used a loudspeaker to address a May Day rally in Zulia state after government officials and supporters took control of microphones at the event.

In Zulia there were scuffles between a group of Bolivarian workers and organizations and officials of the San Francisco municipality who gained control of microphones at the rally point, refusing to allow union representatives to address the marchers, VHeadline reports.

Only United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) pre-candidate municipal director, Eduardo Labrador and others addressed the crowd. Labrador was elected candidate for Zulia state circuit 9 the next day.

After the refusal, the groups, which included the National Workers Union (UNT), Young Christian Workers (JOC), Marea Socialista, decided to use the Communist Party (PCV) microphone only to be attacked by the police attempting to wrest the loudspeaker from them.