Sergio Regazzoni, former IYCW leader is dead

posted 1 Aug 2009, 21:14 by CCI Media   [ updated 2 Aug 2009, 07:01 ]
Sergio Regazzoni, former IYCW International Team in the 1970s passed away in Paris at 23.00 hrs on Thursday, 30th July 2009 after a brief illness. Sergio was very active till the end in networking with different groups and traveled extensively. Wherever he went he was always reconnecting with former YCWrs and friends he knew and made it a point to share how the past leaders of the YCW are continuing their commitment. He was a very friendly leader who was loved and admired by every one in the movement and outside.
Cardijn Community International expresses its grief sorrow on the passing away of one of its supporters in Europe and offers its deep condolences to Sergio's family and friends. The passing away of such former leaders reminds us of the need to pass on our rich experiences to the younger generation as quickly as possible so that the legacy of Cardijn and the sacrifices of so many people reap its benefits in the future too. Let us continue to sow the seed.
 Thank you dear Sergio for your good work. Be assured that the work you put in will not go in vain and your dreams to build a better world will one day become a reality. CCI on its part will play its role together with all other Cardijn movements. Now, claim your reward and rest in peace.
Sergio Regazzoni