Jamshedpur's 'man for others' has gone

posted 29 Jun 2010, 22:58 by Stefan Gigacz
Fr Augustine Minj, last YCW chaplain for the Jamshedpur diocese during the 1980s, has died at Chakradharpur, India.

CCI Jamshedpur coordinator Maryanne Ekka sent us this tribute to Fr Augustine:

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart and on behalf of the CCI group here at Jamshedpur that I inform you about dear Fr. Augustine Minj who died at Chakradharpur on 25th June 2010.
He was buried at Jamshedpur yesterdy 28th June 2010. A few former YCWers made it for his funeral and we placed a wreath on behalf of the CCI Group.

Fr. Augustine Minj was the last YCW Chaplain that was appointed by the Bishop of Jamshedpur in the 80s . He was very committed to the development of the youth in Jamshedpur and was inspired by the teachings of Cardijn. He lived a very simple life, with very few material needs, he spent is time visiting families reaching out a helpng hand and was a champion of the poor downtrodden and those with any problems. 

He was also a tremendous support during the struggle of the Apprentices of TELCO and stood by the team through thick and thin, earning the wrath of his superiors. He was a 'MAN FOR OTHERS" and was true to his priestly vocation, which was to serve the poor.

He was not very well appreciated by his fellow Priests, had very few supporters. People never really understood him or may be they just could not keep up with his way of reaching out to people, to the masses. 

But I was personally happy that at least in death they acknowledged that Fr. Augustine was truly a 'Man for others" and lived up to the values of Christ - not only preaching but practicing the values of the Christ and reaching out to people - serving the poor , helpless, homeless , the workers , those with problems in their daily lives. This he did every day of his life.

He was not keeping good health for some time and did not pay attention to a leg injury which was very painful . He suffered a massive heart attack while he was in hospital the last few days. He was truly a follower of Cardijn.

Let us pray for his eternal rest. 

In grief,
Maryanne Ekka