IYCW: A future that permits young workers to live in security

posted 26 Dec 2008, 14:55 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 26 Dec 2008, 15:06 by Stefan Gigacz ]
Following its XIIth International Council and Global Summit "Together in Action" held in Thanjavur, India, in October 2008, the International Young Christian Workers (IYCW) has announced a new plan of action demanding the right to social protection for all young workers.

"The IYCW demands that even the most excluded workers are assured of the right to a permanent job, the right to get organised, and the right to participate actively in the society as leaders in the community," the IYCW plan of action said.

"IYCW believes social protection must include the following basic rights:

  • the right to social security and benefits to all
  • the right to a permanent job for all citizens so that they may not depend on others for their life.
  • the right to an education that prepares young people for all aspects of life.
  • the right to a living wage that satisfies the needs of food, shelter, clothing, education and leisure activities for each individual.
  • the right to decent conditions of work that respect and provide for health care, retirement benefits, maternity leave, paid holidays and decent working hours.
  • the right to get organised as trade unions and workers associations the right to gender equality in all aspects of work and life."

The International Council also elected a new leadership team led
by Geethani Peries (International President) (photo) from the YCW movement of Sri Lanka, and Arlindo de Oliveira (International Treasurer) from the YCW movement of Brazil, who will assume their positions in the early months of 2009.

A  testimony by Ms Peries of her experience working with factory workers in Sri Lanka is available on the CCFD (France) website.