Ex-YCW Chaplain - Bishop Caruana of Gibraltar celebrates golden jubilee

posted 8 Jun 2009, 07:09 by CCI Media

Bishop Charles Caruana of Gibraltar celebrated 50 years as a priest on May 24. His Golden Jubilee Day holds much significance for him as it was on this same date he also made his First Communion, and then many years later he was made Bishop of Gibraltar - eleven years ago in 1998.

“The last 50 years have flown. It has felt like a dream because it has gone so fast,” says Bishop Caruana.

“I suppose my involvement in the community grew over the years. In 1962 Father Rapallo, who accompanied bishop Healy to the Second Vatican Council, needed help with the raising of the funds for the Catholic Community Centre and I was able to help out. We organised many events. The first ‘champagne style fashion shows’ were organised for example. It was then that I realised I could organise large events but I also noticed there was a great need for such events as well. By that time I was already involved with the Young Christian Workers. Community work in the life of a priest is very important, People need leadership and some recreational leadership as well", Bishop Caruana said.
Cardijn Community International (CCI) congratulates Bishop Caruana and wishes him many more years of service to the community. We are proud of you Bishop Caruana.