CCI India consolidates and extends

posted 22 Jun 2010, 18:47 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 24 Jun 2010, 01:26 ]
At its inaugural General Assembly in Nagercoil last month, CCI India elected its first National Team with Mr Xavier Anthony of Bangalore as National President and Ms Monica Mascarenhas of Pune as National Secretary.

In its first National Plan, CCI adopted a plan focusing on extension across the country and on establishing CCI as an organisation..

Campaigns on major issues will be adopted and a training module on SEE-JUDGE-ACT is to be developed. 

CCI international chaplain, Fr S. Servatius informed the meeting that the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Conference plans to declare a ‘Year for Youth’ to follow the ‘Year for Priests’ from June 2010. 

He suggested that the CCI could introduce the Cardijn methodology to the youth during this year, may be in the form of a campaign/meeting on ‘Youth for Change’. This was accepted to be examined.

National Team members will hold their posts for one year in this inaugural stage.

The full list of team members is as follows:

Xavier Anthony, Bangalore: National President 

Ms Monica Mascarenhas, Pune: National Secretary 

Ms Maryanne Ekka, Jamshedpur: National Treasurer 

Clifford Bastian, Nagpur: National Team Member 

Ms Glynis Joseph, Chennai: National Team Member