Australian YCW, YCS make presence felt at National Youth Leaders Gathering

posted 28 Nov 2008, 05:13 by Stefan Gigacz   [ updated 28 Nov 2008, 05:19 ]
The Australian YCW sponsored two young people, Marie Rehab and Anne-Marie El Dick, as participants at the National Youth Leaders Gathering held in Sydney, Australia last week. The aim of the gathering was to plan follow up to the successful recent World Youth Day 2008 held in Sydney.

They reported that  the Australian YCS and YCW movements were well represented at this conference, with twelve of our leaders from various dioceses in attendance. 

"Using their initiative, YCS and YCW members took responsibility to drive small group activities, share their thoughts during plenary sessions, guide others that they worked with to come to specific actions, take part in key aspects of the liturgy and present a session to the plenary. This is further evidence of the high level of formation and leadership, which the YCS and YCW movements offer, which we should all be proud of"," they wrote afterwards.

"The YCS and YCW movements and the strength and value of the See, Judge, Act method were acknowledged and made reference to numerous times over the course of the conference by Bishops and key leaders of Australian youth ministry. It is gratifying to know that the YCS and YCW methodologies, structures and primary beliefs are still recognised as relevant in today’s society," they said.